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Fertility tracker coming to new Apple Watch

Women’s health is top-of-mind for Apple with the announcement their latest iteration of their popular smartwatch will feature a fertility tracker, which can contribute to mental wellbeing for women around the world.

Apple Watch Series 8 will include a body temperature sensor to track a woman’s nighttime wrist temperature, taking a digital reading every five seconds in order to find slight changes while at rest or sleeping, which Apple explained is a reliable indicator for overall body temperatures.

Body temperature changes have often been harnessed to detect what’s called the “biphasic shift”, or a change in body temperatures due to hormonal changes during the ovulation cycle.

This kind of tech can improve the mental health of women by giving them peace of mind about their ovulation cycles via an approach that is in real-time, intuitive, and efficient. As a report from The Conversation noted, “Women who are positively engaged with their data see their data and feel excited with their results. They are often learning to track and understand their bodies, which leaves them feeling hopeful and confident.”

Apple stressed that privacy was “at the core” of the new feature’s development, and assured fans that the newly collected data is only locally stored on Apple devices.


Snore detection coming to Samsung’s smart watches

Not to be outdone, Samsung announced it plans to bring snore detection features to their Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 2 products.

Available via a firmware update, this feature doesn’t use a built-in microphone on the watch. Instead, when the watch on your wrist determines you have fallen asleep, it will trigger the microphone on your smartphone. That means users need to keep a paired phone next to them while sleeping in order for the snore detection to work.

When you snore, the smart watch saves that section of the recording, once that selection is turned on in the device’s settings. Users can also see if their oxygen saturation changes as a result of snoring by matching up the recordings with the SpO2 graph.

Other tech players have clamoured to bring this kind of tool to their devices. In 2021, Fitbit added a “Snore & Noise Detect” feature to their line of wearables.



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Whoop, a wearable device to help you achieve consistent great sleep

We all know how it goes. You spend the night in bed sleeping, maybe nothing too deep, maybe you wake up once or twice nothing too unusual, but you aren’t any more rested in the morning, so you end up in an energy chase throughout the day only to wash, rinse, repeat the same cycle again. Well, just because you slept, doesn’t mean you’ve rested or even restored your brain. How could you possibly know if you’ve slept well, even slept efficiently on a daily basis? Enter the WHOOP.

WHOOP is a wearable, taking the form of a screen-less bracelet.

Oura Ring – The Stylish Gold Standard In Personal Sleep Excellence

Perhaps at this stage in your life you may think sleep is something we all do naturally, but have you ever asked yourself why do we need to sleep? For how long? And how important is it for our health? There is now a growing scientific exploration into these questions by sleep researchers and bioengineering companies looking to improve the overall quality of everyone’s sleep.  The bottom line is this: we all NEED good quality and optimal duration of sleep to function properly and at our highest potential, both mentally and physically. 

Top 5 Children’s Books That Celebrate Men as Caregivers

For many parents, reading to our kids is one of the most joyful (and least exhausting) parts of our day. Reading books lets us launch conversations, share new ideas, and fuel our kids’ imagination. But children’s books are even more powerful than we might realize. Children’s books can also disrupt the formation of harmful gender role stereotypes, which can help free our kids to forge their own paths, be more accepting of others, and create a more equitable world.

Father complex; The How and Why of “Daddy Issues.”

The term “daddy issues” is one you have probably heard a couple of times, as it has been used very loosely – and often wrongly, to describe a lot of people, mostly women who have “weird” relationship habits. But what does it mean to have a father complex? Why and how do people end up with daddy issues? We’ll find out shortly.

What is Father Complex?

Father complex is described in psychology as a group of unintentional associations to a father figure.

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