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The Womens Therapy List – Mental Health Professional Directory

The Womens Therapy List is a global, online, professional directory and content resource focused on supporting women and people who identify as female with their mental health and wellness.

Our site strives to provide women who are looking for support and guidance with helpful information and links to professionals who offer female competent and sensitive services.

It takes courage, willingness and knowledge to be an effective advocate for ourselves. Often there is stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy to overcome. Our directory site offers research, articles, interviews and stories to help women demystify, normalize and integrate mental health treatment and support in an overall, holistic health approach. Our aim is to help you build your understanding and effectiveness as an advocate for yourself.

Founders, Kimberly Alexander and Dale Curd

Kimberly Alexander

Dale Curd

Our founders Kimberly Alexander and Dale Curd are both mental health professionals who began their journey as clients first. They believe in and are deeply committed to the importance of a healthy mind as part of a healthy body and a healthy life. Counselling, coaching, and group therapy have all been crucial in our development and healing and we’ve come to know the truth that awareness and knowledge are the fuel for empowerment. We want you to feel empowered, to have all the choices possible available to you on your journey.


Why Women Need Support

– Nearly 50% of women are considered at high risk of developing mental health disorders,

– Just over 25% of young women have engaged in some form of self-harm

– Women are nearly twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression.

– Women are more likely to experience a combination of mental health disorders; eating disorders with anxiety, depression or PTSD and sleep disorders.

– Women have much higher rates of developing PTSD following exposure to traumatic events.

– Nearly 80% of individuals with eating and/or Body Dysmorphia disorders are women, which has the highest overall mortality rate of any mental illness.

Some of you might be looking for expansion and support your self. Some of you might have received a diagnosis that you are seeking to understand and come to terms with and some of you might be at the beginning; looking for information and professional help to navigate the truth your mind is telling you, either through your words or behaviour.

The Womens Therapy List is a resource of original articles, infographics and interviews written for women and those who identify as female, paired with a directory of accredited professionals who specialize in working with women.

We hope you will find support and comfort here. One day, mental wellness will be considered as normal to our health as going to the doctor or dentist. Until that time, we must help ourselves and each other, to help women around the world.

The Womens Therapy List is here to help you find the help you need.